Your family doctors at the Ärztehaus Blasewitz at the Schillerplatz in Dresden

As general practitioners, we are your first point of contact for all questions concerning your health. We would like to offer you personal care with optimal treatment. We offer you the entire spectrum of internal and general medical care – with a special focus on maintaining your health. We and our practice team are at your disposal almost daily throughout the year.


Dr. med. Thomas Pfeiffer

Dr. med. Thomas Pfeiffer

Facharzt für Innere- und Allgemeinmedizin

Facharzt für Anästhesiologie (nur privatärztlich)


Dr. med. Alexander Schütte

Dr. med. Alexander Schütte

Specialist in internal medicine

General Practioner

We want you to be well!

Your health is your highest good – and to keep it that way it makes sense to have it checked regularly. In addition to the legal precaution of the health insurance companies we offer you further programs: from sports medical precaution over travel medical consultation and diving medicine up to individually arranged check-up programs. Simply contact us if you are interested.

Dr. med. Thomas Pfeiffer

Mo 8–12
Tue 8–12 u. 15–18
Thur 8–12 u. 15–18
Fr 8–12

Dr. med. Alexander Schütte

Mo 8–12 u. 15–18
Tue 8–12
Wed 8–12 u. 15–18
Fr 8–12

Our office hours

Please always make an appointment in advance, even in acute cases. Emergencies will of course be treated at any time. Please understand that this can still lead to waiting times. Please note that only in real emergencies and when your attending physician is absent may a representative treatment by the partner practice take place.


Praxisgemeinschaft Hausärzte Dresden-Blasewitz

Naumannstraße 3 | 01309 Dresden T. 0351-6561783 | F. 0351-6561784 | M.


Stay up to date. Here you will find information about news from our family practices, current medical topics and interesting health tips.


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(Deutsch) Urlaubszeiten 2020

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(Deutsch) Grippeschutzimpfung 2019/20

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(Deutsch) Pat Med – die elektronische Patientenakte auf Ihrem Smartphone

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(Deutsch) Verstärkung durch Frau Dr. Bernadette Schneider

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(Deutsch) Rezepttelefon 0351-31287777

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Laboratory tests

Blood tests usually take place in the morning. Please come sober (no breakfast, no sweetened drinks) to your appointment. Please note that the blood test must be ordered in advance by a doctor.

Order forms

Prescriptions (e.g. for permanent medication or subsequent transfers as well as for other specialists) can be
pre-ordered by phone, fax, post, email or via the website and picked up the following workday.
Please note our office hours.

 Accredited Teaching practice of the TU Dresden

Since 2012 we are accredited as academic teaching practices of the TU Dresden. We train students in the 10th semester of the two-week block internship in general medicine and students in the elective period (4 months) in general medicine in the practical year. Both practices have the full further education authorization (24 months) to the further education to the specialist for general medicine. It is also possible to complete a 3-year training as a medical assistant in our practices. If you are interested, we look forward to receiving your application.



GP Dresden-Blasewitz

Public transport: The nearest bus and tram stop is ‘Schillerplatz’ (disabled access).
By car: A fee-paying parking area is available at the medical centre Blasewitz Naumannstrasse 3. It requires an EC card (ATM card from a German bank) to access the parking area. The first 30 minutes are free of charge.
Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 8–12 am and 3–6 pm,
Friday 8–12 am, and with appointment
Important phone numbers in emergencies:
Emergency call: 112
Emergency service: 116 117
(for urgent house calls, daily from 7 pm to 7 am, Fridays from 2 pm,
all day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
Patient transfer: 19222
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